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Sportsmanship/Zero Tolerance Policy


Cranford PAL Sportsmanship Policy
(adopted 02/01/2016 by Cranford PAL Board of Directors)

Cranford Police Athletic League (PAL) wants to make our league activities an enjoyable experience for everyone. To help create this positive environment we established a “Sportsmanship Policy” that everyone in the league is required to acknowledge and uphold. 


Player Code of Conduct and “Zero Tolerance Pledge”:

As a participant in Cranford PAL, a high level of sportsmanship and responsibility is expected from you.

  • You are expected to treat your coaches, fellow teammates, officials, opposing team players and coaches with respect and dignity.

  • You are expected to come to your practices and games on time ready to play and improve your individual skills and team play skills. If you miss a practice, your coach has the right to ensure that you attend and participate in a practice with your team prior to participating in the next scheduled game. 

  • Understand that unsportsmanlike conduct prior to, during, or immediately after PAL activities such as taunting, the use of foul and abusive language, fighting or flagrant unnecessary roughness (horseplay) is grounds for disciplinary action.

  • You promise to be drug and alcohol free, knowing that these substances greatly affect player reaction time, player recovery time, the player’s general health and decision-making. 

  • You understand that the Cranford PAL has “Zero Tolerance” for any violation involving the above listed infractions and that disciplinary action could consist of ejection from a game or possible expulsion from the entire program.


    Parent/Coach Code of Conduct:

  • I will provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child participating in activities sponsored by the Cranford PAL. I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials, at every game, practice or Event.

  • I will support coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.  I will avoid “coaching” from the stands.

  • I will treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.

  • I understand the following items/actions are not tolerated at PAL sponsored activities:

    • No Alcoholic products, Smoking, or Use of profanity

    • No unsportsmanlike comments towards Program Directors, coaches, officials, parents, and children

    • No yelling at, threatening, or physically attacking a league official, coach, parent or child

    • No entering the field of play without permission of the head coach or league official

    • No mistreatment of property or facilities to include equipment, fields and buildings

    • No negative or derogatory cheering / yelling at anyone

    • No yelling at the other teams players or coaches by parents or coaches

  • I understand that the game officials are here for the kids and the game.  I will not question their calls or make unsportsmanlike comments towards the officials. I understand that the league provides guidelines for the head coach to address officials.  I will not approach an official during or after a game to question their calls.

  • I understand that if I fail to follow the items listed above that I could be ejected from the property in which the Cranford PAL is utilizing for their event(s) and possibly suspended from additional events.

  • I understand that any my child’s suspension or expulsion will result in registration fees being forfeited.


    Grievance of Disciplinary Action Taken:

    Decisions made resulting in disciplinary action shall be made by the team coach and Program Director.  The Cranford PAL Executive Director shall be consulted about any disciplinary action taken, but this does not preclude a coach and Program Director from taking immediate action they find necessary to maintain order, discipline and safety of all participants and coaches.  In the spirit of a Zero Tolerance Pledge, Coaches and Program Directors are given strict guidelines listed in this policy to govern their program in the best interest of all participants, coaches, opponents and spectators. 

    When a disciplinary action is taken that results in suspension or expulsion and the participant or parent is dissatisfied with this course of action, a parent may appeal the decision in writing to the Executive Director of the Cranford PAL within 7 business days of the decision being made.  This will facilitate a discussion and review of the decision involving the Executive Director and Cranford PAL Board of Directors.  A written response will be provided by the Executive Director to the petitioning parent within 30 calendar days either affirming, reversing, or amending the disciplinary action taken. 

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